KNF Medizintechnik

KNF gas & liquid pumps

We are aware of the responsibility that comes with manufacturing gas and liquid pumps for medical devices. For decades, our tailored solutions have been indispensable components of the devices supplied by leading global manufacturers.

KNF Einsatzgebiete

Applications for KNF gas and liquid pumps

Diagnosis: analysis & diagnostics

  • Devices for invasive or non-invasive examinations
  • Processing procedures for liquid samples in the clinical laboratory
  • and many more

Treatment: preparation, procedure, monitoring, follow-up care

  • Preparation and care of surgical instruments
  • Surgical procedures including patient monitoring
  • Irradiation technology
  • Wound management
  • Machine-aided intensive care
  • Device technology for follow-up care
  • and many more
Kompetenz fürs Leben

Precision right
from the start

State-of-the-art medical device technology is a pillar of medical expertise. Therefore it is vitally important that these products work precisely and reliably. As suppliers of gas and liquid pumps for a broad range of medical devices we take this responsibility seriously. KNF pumps perform demanding tasks – they reliably transfer both gaseous and liquid media, and generate vacuum and pressure with precision.

Our highly skilled and experienced employees work meticulously to find the best possible solution for your challenge, always supported by our Product Centers in Germany and Switzerland. You can count on us every step of the way, from providing you with sample pumps to developing prototypes to series production. We also fully support subsequent generations of devices in order to ensure continuous improvement.


KNF – your partner for custom-fit solutions that move you forward

Most recent innovations

NPK 012

  • Flow rate: max. 13.5 l/min
  • Ultimate vacuum: max. 140 mbar abs.
  • Operating pressure: max. 5 bar rel.
  • High level of performance in a compact size and light-weight
  • Brushless DC motor for custom-fit rotational speed control
  • High pressure up to 5 bar rel.
  • The pump can start against the entire pressure and vacuum range without discharging
  • Robust design
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

FP 400

  • Flow rate: max. 4.6 l/min
  • Suction height: 3 mH2O
  • Pressure head: 10 mH2O
  • Low pulsation
  • Excellent linearity
  • Self-priming and can run dry
  • Gentle conveying of sensitive media
  • Long lifetime, no maintenance
  • Able to transfer aggressive media
KNF FP 400

N 936

  • Flow rate: max. 36 l/min
  • Ultimate vacuum: 200 mbar abs.
  • Operating pressure: 0.5 bar rel.
  • Optimal flow characteristics for high gas flow
  • Copes well with vapor and condensation
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Integrated extended voltage range motor
KNF N 936

KNF modular system

How we collaborate to optimize your pump

Every application is different and some are one of a kind. Our modular system is designed to give you a high degree of flexibility, speed and reliability. You can be sure that every gas and liquid pump supplied by KNF will exactly meet your requirements, no matter how complex or unusual these might be. This includes a broad range of accessories. We work closely with you to design customized project pumps that give you a competitive edge in your target market. From its configuration to its testing conditions and packaging as well as customized warehouse and logistics concepts – your project pump is tailored to your particular needs.

Series models – the first step to customized pumps

KNF offers a range of 70 series models designed for handling gases and liquids. The performances of these are described in our data sheets.

The KNF modular system for creating customized pumps

It is easy to tailor every series model to meet application-specific requirements by selecting and combining a variety of options. These range from the material used to make the pump components that come into contact with the media, to the drive and the mechanical elements such as the circuit points and connections. The configurations created by the KNF modular system are based to tried and tested individual components, meaning that developing customized pumps is quick and inexpensive.

Project pumps – precisely designed for the application

We support your development project by providing you with sample pumps quickly and easily. In consultation with you, our employees from the sales, engineering, and product management divisions determine the modifications to be made to the product’s standard technical parameters.